The Ultimate Guide To LocalConnection – SWF to SWF to AIR to AIR to SWF

Even if it stands in documentstion (some crucial things mentioned in one line somewhere), it was really tricky thing to figure out how to make LocalConnection-s work between different application runtimes (flash player / air). It got even more tangled with empty flash player error saying “Error #2044: Unhandled StatusEvent:. level=error, code=”. Basically, there is a generic method/form, with underscore prefix for connection name, that you can successfully use in all cases, but if your application requires higher security you should define your connections more exactly.

Based on your applications origin (AIR / flash player) you may define a few types of communication nature:

  • SWF to SWF on a same domain
  • SWF to SWF on different domains
  • AIR to SWF
  • SWF to AIR
  • AIR to AIR

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