Quick tip: TwitterUtils.makeDate() correction

There is a bug in current version (2.0) of TwitterScript API. In com.twitter.api.utils.TwitterUtils.makeDate() function, there is a wrong month assignment on line 22. While you match date from a String, make sure to subtract 1 from month number, while ActionScript 3 Date.month is zero-based. Issue already submitted on TwitterScript code home page.

TwitterLogger Class To Full Twitter API Access From ActionScript 3

For the last couple of days I have been working with Twitter API, trying to make the api usable for flash in browser the same way as FacebookLogger (Facebook API extension) is. Guess what, I did it! I created TwitterLogger. TwitterLogger class extends official TwitterScript (ActionScript API) and implements OAuth (and TwitterOAuth – PHP Library to support OAuth for Twitter’s REST API) authorization protocol to gain full access into Twitter API from flash in browser.

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