Quick Tip: Flash CS Button to Flex

If are trying to embed button symbols (extended SimpleButton) from Flash CS and the results are not what expected:

[Embed(source="assets/elements.swf", symbol="my_button")]
public static const BUTTON_CLASS:Class;
addChild(new BUTTON_CLASS())

try exporting your elements into .swc and attach into Flex project, later in code do:

public static const BUTTON_CLASS:Class = my_button;
addChild(new BUTTON_CLASS())

This may also help you capturing Event-s dispatched on custom frame from loaded MovieClips.

Facebook Extended Permissions With Authorization by Overriding Class in swc

It may be not popular, but it is possible to substitute / override whole class from .swc file. Lets say you are using some public api, in our case Facebook actionscript api. I admire work of developer team, but I would like to have some things different. My facebook application requires publish_stream extended permission right after user login (authorize) my application. Even if official facebook api documentation says it is possible to ask for extended permission with login.php call (req_perms parameter), our facebook actionscript api does not offer setting this parameter.

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Apparat (TAAS) framework to optimize swf

Joa Ebert is a Flash developer with a focus on ActionScript 3. He has developed several tools helping to optimize daily workflow. Most projects have been released as open-source. The most important one is Apparat / TAAS project:

Apparat is an open source framework written in Java to optimize ABC, SWC and SWF files. The core of Apparat are its three file formats and their implementation:

  • ABC (read and write ABC files, bytecode analysis and tools)
  • SWC (read and write SWC files)
  • SWF (read and write SWF files, tag implementations)

TAAS is a stackless representation of the ActionScriptBytecode. Read first results of TAAS, and see application before and after optimization.

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ActionScript 3 Classes

You can always download classes used in posts here http://classes.yoz.sk/!