A Sound In Image Experiment

There are some usefull apis since Flash Player 10, I have never been playing with. Yesterday, I realized one experiment with Sound + SampleDataEvent and created quick demo for converting music into a bitmap and vice versa.

There is a Sound.extract() method in ActionScript allowing you to grab raw sound data from a sound object. It provides you ByteArray of 32-bit floating-point values, which can be converted to a Number using ByteArray.readFloat(). The resulting values are -1 < value < 1...

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Processing Audio in ActionScript 3 and Pixel Bender

Recently I was trying to make some noise with flash, and soon I realized that audio processing is not that easy thing as it may look like. Anyway here is a list of some interesting articles and examples with gain, equalizer, pitch, effects, pixel bender, I have came across while gathering information.

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