Pixel Bender Inputs – Vector or ByteArray

Pixel Bender for Flash Player lets you play some more advanced games. Based on your needs you can force your kernels to “eat” not only BitmapData, but also ByteArray-s or Vector-s. With this knowledge, you can simply use Pixel Bender kernels for some fast math or processing like 3D engines (3D to 2D projection) etc. Lets have a look at some simple demos, how to push vector and raw bytes directly into shader via ShaderJob:

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Pixel Bender Disco

While playing with pixel bender, I created some simple sahders that when combined, reminds me of winamp visualizations effects. Feel free to use any in your own projects.

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Pixel Bender Explorer

Pixel Bender Explorer is simple application that lets you dynamicly load .pbj files, apply it on image and edit shader values. Application uses two classes. ShaderLoader class loads external .pbj file and casts loaded binary data into Shader object. ShaderExplorer class inspects created Shader object and generates editable form based on Shader parameters. You can load your own external .pbj files (crossdomain.xml required near .pbj file) or feel free to download and use whole .swf application localy.

Application inspired by Enumerating Pixel Bender filter parameters and metadata dynamically in Flash and Introduction to Pixel Bender: Part 2 articles.

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