Quick Tip: Installing AIR Runtime To Android Emulator

After I have installed Android SDK on a new machine, I have almost forgotten the steps necessary to run AIR application on Android emulator. There has been some changes within android sdk e.g. adb.exe is no longer located in “tools” dir but rather in “platform-tools”, to create a new emulator you can use SDKManager.exe… and to install AIR runtime on Android emulator, you can take .apk file located in AIR SDK (airsdk/runtimes/air/android/emulator/Runtime.apk) and install it via…

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XML skin (update)

Simple runtime skinning using XMLSkin. Currently suported inheritance, values, styles, texts, statics, assets.

Passing values and styles via inheritance:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<data style.backgroundColor="#000000">
    <button1 style.backgroundColor="#CC00CC" width="500" label="Hallo">
        <parent height="200" style.backgroundColor="#FF0000"/>

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