SmoothImage Class (update)

While Flex uses bilinear resizing method when scaling images (event for Bitmap.smoothing() method), you won’t be able to get nice results when downscaling more than 2 times. Inspired by ImageResizer class I have also created SmoothImage Class. This object extends mx.Image and uses ImageResizer.bilinearIterative() class in order to generate smoother resized results.

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How to resize an image with ActionScript (update)


If you need to resize an image on client side, I mean real bitmapData resize (not just showing scaled), feel free to use ImageResizer class. This class takes bitmapData of source image, new width and height and resize method (defined by ResizeMath class), and returns new bitmapData of resized image.

Update: It seems that bitmapData.draw() method uses bilinear algorithm when scaling via Matrix. Bilinear algorithm gives you fine results when downscaling no more than 2 times (400px -> 200px). So, I added bilinearIterative() method into ImageResizer class that creates resized bitmapData by multiple steps achieving much smoother results!

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