Fixing Z-sorting in Papervision 3D (update)

It may be very tricky thing to get papervision 3d scene rendered correctly event for the simpliest objects. In my case, I have created simple 3d scene with few primitive objects (8 cubes). Cubes are positioned close to each other to create shape of bigger cube + some small space between. Cubes are added into wrapping DisplayObject3D, later wrapper is added to scene in order to make it easy to rotate cubes as a group. Camera targets the center of the scene. In the demo, there are 3 sliders to rotate wrapping object in each x, y, z axis + two buttons that rotates wrapper in the problematic possition (based on z-sorting fix approach). Finally I managet it to work, you can follow my approaches below. Notice the changes are not cummulative, each approach comes from original Application.mxml. All of the ideas collected online from blogs, forums etc.

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