Flex Arc Preloader Without SparkDownloadProgressBar

There is a lot of flex preloader tutorials all over the internet. If you take a closer look at each, you may notice those all extends DownloadProgressBar or SparkDownloadProgressBar classes. You may decide that these classes do not fit your needs, and it that case you can extend regular Sprite with IPreloaderDisplay implementation. Soon you realize there is some other Preloader in use, that communicates with your custom one through events. Following example contains a preloader implementation that renders a filled arc based on application load progress and RSL load progress. Lets have a look how to handle it properly.

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Using Metadata Frame for a Preloader

This article was sleeping in my drafts for a while, and I am happy I managed to finish it today. There are multiple ways to create preloader for your ActionScript applications with flex compiler. The easiest and my prefered way is to use Frame metadata.

This metadata is a hint to the compiler that the class containing the metadata would like to be bootstrapped by the cited factory. In other words, when you build an application based on mx.core.Application, that isn’t actually the “root” class of the SWF. The root class is actually a compiler-generated subclass of mx.managers.SystemManager (Modular Applications)

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