6 months before today I released and open sourced YCanvas library. Since it powers some of my projects nicely (onBoard, Train Lord), some of you requested me to create map implementation as well as Feathers UI component so you can easily integrate it into your own projects. I have decided to take this challenge and wrapped the original library by some more specific functionality. It took me some time, but finally, the extended library is out and ready to be used in any flash, AIR or mobile project.

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Introducing Train Lord

Train Lord is a live massively multiplayer game (MMOG) using real world data and maps. The goal is simple. Become the richest lord in the world by buying rails, stations, trains, creating rail sets and dispatching trains. I have been developing this game and learning a lot of technologies to put all the stuff together since February 2012. Starting November I was able to release the first version live. Click here to play, here to see help page, or here for Communuty page. I would like to describe and give credits to some technologies I have used, so it may help other developers as well as myself somewhere in the future ;-).

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onBoard on Maps

I am pleased to announce, I managed to create an onBoard port for OpenStreetMap API. A few months ago I tought about how could this been done, and finaly, past week I had some time to work on that. With map version you can explore map as well as draw on any place – when zoomed to max. The tool that was created I consider as a very smooth map explorer, I am not affraid to say much smoother than official explorer from OpenStreetMap or Google Maps even considering short time spent on developing it, and I am not mentioning possibility to rotate the map or possibility to have an Android app in few hours.

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