Quick Tip: SimpleButton to SelectableButton

sk.yoz.ui.SelectableButton class may be handy for you if you decided to drop framework and make your own lightweight components. It extends SimpleButton (basic ActionScript 3 component) and ads selected state and toggle functionality by switching states on click event. You may want to extend it for selectedUpState, selectedOverState, selectedDownState, feel free to do that.


import sk.yoz.ui.SelectableButton;

// any graphics here
var upState:DisplayObject;
var overState:DisplayObject;
var downState:DisplayObject
var hitTestState:DisplayObject;

// changes selected state on mouse click
var toggle:Boolean = true;

var button:SelectableButton;
button = SelectableButton(upState, overState, downState, hitTestState, toggle);

// toggle select button without user interaction
button.selected = true;

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Frame rate optimization


There has been a lot of articles written about how to optimize your flash / flex application frameRate. In most cases, you only need to have full frameRate when some animation is playing, or tweening etc., in other words when some visual changes are going on. FrameRateOptimizator class does exactly what you need. In default, it uses full frameRate when visual changes and when it stops, optimizator automatically switches to lower frameRate. Optimizator uses bitmapData to compare last state with actual state to catch any visual changes. By default snapshot is executed two times per second in low frameRate (inactive state), or one time per second in full frameRate state (active state), taking approximately not more than 10ms per execution (fast enough).

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