Universal Application To Module Api

While working on my latest project, I was supposed to came up with some elegant solution (api) to make 3rd party modules be able to communicate with the main application and vice versa. In fact I already did the approach some time ago, now it was time to improve it and implement into a flex framework.

The api is based on event dispatching. Instead of sharing interface and calling some public available functions / callbacks (requires functions defined in compile time), event based api gives you the freedom of registering and releasing listeners anytime in runtime…

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Simple Modular Robotlegs

You know it, when you learn new things looking for documentation or tutorials all over the internet and even if you find potential good source it is some times difficult to focus on the key information while it contains a lot of stuff you do not need at all? Well, there really are some interesting sources for building robotlegs with modules (Modular Robotlegs, DynModules, Modular Tutorial ) but it took me some time to grab only the key functionality. So, I have decided to create the simpliest working project using robotlegs and modules.

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