onStream – The Broadcasting Machine

onStream – The Broadcasting Machine is the name of my latest flash project. Slogan says: “Broadcast LIVE video to your friends or the whole world from a computer or mobile. Watch other people broadcasting their webcamera, conferences, shows or movies.” With this flash application you can broadcast your webcamera, tv card, desktop or movies (read the section “What can be broadcasted?”). With different broadcasting settings you can broadcast to unlimited number of viewers as well as make private videochats. Based on your connection speed, choose appropriate quality for your broadcasts from 320×160 px webcamera resolution with 11kHz sound sampling up to high definition broadcasts.

The application is located on http://onstream.yoz.sk and there also exist a facebook application http://apps.facebook.com/onstream/. You can also publish and run the application from facebook newsfeed stream.

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Quick Tip: Working with NetStream

While working on my brand new P2P project I have come to some issues and solutions, that may help you with your projects. First thing, the NetStatusEvent codes. You may expect that codes are dispatched by the instance of the class they beigins with (e.g. “NetStream.Connect.Success” dispatched by NetStream), but in fact, this does not happen (“NetStream.Connect.Success” is dispatched by NetConnection). I bellieve its not a bug but a feature by flash player developer team. To make this work as expected you may do the following:

netConnection.addEventListener(type, onNetStatus);
function onNetConnectionNetStatus(event:NetStatusEvent):void
		case "NetStream.Connect.Success":

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