Quick tip: always use global position for hitTestPoint()

Just for the record and myself (I should read all the documentation, also the long sentences 🙂 … Make sure you always check hitTestPoint() against global coordinates of some point.

// we are somewhere deep in myObject.myObject2.myInnerObject
var point:Point;
var someMovingObject:DisplayObject;
var hitShape:DisplayObject;

point = localToGlobal(new Point(someMovingObject.x, someMovingObject.y)); 
point = someMovingObject.localToGlobal(new Point());
// both give us same results, 
// 2nd method is faster in loops while it can use predefined zero point

hitShape.hitTestPoint(point.x, point.y, true);

Even hitShape object is not directly on a stage (but on myInnerObject), you have to use global points for testing hits.