onBoard 2.0 – Massive Collaborative Painting & Drawing

onBoard is a Collaborative (multi-user) painting and drawing application created in flash and php. Anyone can paint, draw, insert images and see other users paint live (feature comming soon). It has been 9 month since I released version 1.0, now there is a new version. A lot of things is changed in 2.0. The most important is UI change, this is my approach to write my first touch-device-ready flash app. I have also rewriten the whole app to pure ActionScript 3.0 (no flex framework used anymore), in order to gain crucial improvements in speed and weight. Every piece of code is optimized for speed. After all the changes, I have been able to keep fps at the rate of 30 in full hd fullscreen resolution (tested in flash debug player v 10.0), with memory consumption only around 30Mb (most of it is bitmapData).

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