Samsung Smart TV Development with HaXe and MVC


Next step with my project was to implement MVC framework. The most popular one called mmvc provided by massive interactive seemed a bit broken when used with HaXe 3 RC, but as all those sources are available, I managed to do some small updates in order to compile it without errors. Normaly you would just install the mmvc library using haxelib and the install process grabs the necessary dependencies like msignal, minject, mcover, mcore… But in order to fix HaXe 3 issues, I decided to just download it into my projects src folder.

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Unit Testing HaXe JavaScript Project


Today I continued to progress on my Samsung Smart TV project with unit test implementation. My aim is to prepare smooth process for automated builds. First, I tought I would struggle with it much more but at the end it appeared that necessary tools already exists.

My first sreps led me to “Writing Unit Tests” article about resources available directly with HaXe, however it seemed that JavaScript testing was not available. The article also referenced MUnit a cross-platform haxe unit testing framework, which looked to have more capabilities.

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Samsung Smart TV Development With HaXe


You have propably already heard about smart TVs can run applications. However, the app market is very fragmented, some vendors support AIR apps or Flash Player but the runtime versions are just too old, so HTML apps seems to be a better solution these days. Decision has been made and my next project is going to be HTML/JavaScript based Samsung smart TV app and I need to prepare comfort environment to work in (click and run just like Flash Builder does). I have doubts that language like JavaScript by its nature can be easily used on enterprise projects, where multiple team members cooperate and it seems like numbers of apps already struggled to see a daylight. Luckily, there are languages like HaXe, that compiles into clean JavaScript while still offering advanced features like strong typing. In this article, I would like to share my initial steps and successes with Samsung project on HaXe.

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