6 months before today I released and open sourced YCanvas library. Since it powers some of my projects nicely (onBoard, Train Lord), some of you requested me to create map implementation as well as Feathers UI component so you can easily integrate it into your own projects. I have decided to take this challenge and wrapped the original library by some more specific functionality. It took me some time, but finally, the extended library is out and ready to be used in any flash, AIR or mobile project.

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Introduction to YCanvas

Hello YCanvas, who are you? I am an open source ActionScript 3 library that provides stage3D (GPU) engine for perfectly overlapping grid based zooming projects like world maps or onBoard. What? Ok, I am the engine that statnds behind onBoard, and I can handle much more. I can implement Wall Of Fame, WebCanvas, MapQuest, ArcGIS, Open Street Map or do some experiments like Flickr gallery, all this in one flash, few lines (10-20) of specific code per mode, all running at 60 FPS. Anyhing else would you like to see implemented? Just let me know… Do you want to know more and see it in action?

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onBoard v3 Goes GPU

onBoard is a massive collaborative painting and drawing canvas where you can draw, sketch, paint, zoom, rotate, screenshot or post your drawing to facebook. See other users drawing live. Today, I am releasing 3rd version (1st, 2nd) that is a little different than the previous ones. It takes advantage of Starling Framework and YCanvas and runs on GPU at 60fps, smoother than any before. For now there is a new web version available with old drawing and other tools. Mobile versions are currently not available. I am also working on a canvas/grid framework called YCanvas that is available on github (more information with next blog post). Have a look and compare cpu vs. gpu versions of onBoard…

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