What fontName to use with embedding?

This article extends “Embedding fonts bold vs. black” post. Sometimes it may be tricky to guess correct fontName with your font. Compilator works with different fontNames than what Flash IDE shows you. Lets say you want to embed fonts from .swf (library) file into .css file. In Flash IDE, properties panel for TextInput, character Family and Style stand for something totaly different that what you gonna need with correct fontName value later in .css file. In fact solution is very easy.

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Embed Bitmap text into Flex


This article helps you embed pixel sharp fonts (without antialias) into your flex apps. As far as I know you wouldn’t be able to do this just by direct embedding local font file into your flex application, but you gonna need Flash CS4 authoring tool. There are two ways you can make Bitmap text work in flex. You can use pure css method or actionscript method. The downside of both methods is, you have to define and export from flash exact font size you are going to use.

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Embedding fonts bold vs. black


Embedding fonts into flex app can be a tricky things. Lets suggest you need to embed Arial font in both bold and black style. When you open some desktop application using local font list, you notice Arial font family and under this option there is a list of styles. There is a bold and black style in one list so one would guess it is the same thing setting. Well, it is not. When it comes to embedding into flex, the code varies much more…

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