TextInput wmode opaque/tranpsarent workaround

Many of you have come accross the horrendous bug that happens with text input in flash when the swf is embedded with wmode=transparent/opaque. It has been much discussed (Firefox Bugzilla entry for this bug, Adobe Forum discussion, etc.), but it seems that in all the years that this bug has existed nothing much has been done. A lot of workarounds have been published, many of them based on custom key mapping etc… My workaround uses html element <input type=”text”> that is placed right over flex <mx:TextInput>. Html element is styled transparent (no design) so user will not notice.

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Elegant Facebook Login For Desktop Application

Default facebook login page is usualy opened in new browser window or popup window, so user lose focus from your page. This application opens facebook login page within your flash application, so user will not lose your page. In fact little iframe trick is used.

This post connects my 3 previous posts: Flex IFrame – Web browser in flash, FacebookLogger and Facebook Extended Permissions With Authorization by Overriding Class in swc in order to create elegant solution for facebook connect with your desktop application (means outside facebook iframe or fbml). I recomend to read all previous mentioned posts before trying to run this app.

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Flex IFrame – Web browser in flash (update)


You can not have a web browser inside your web flash applications right? Well, you can! This solution uses html iframe to generate fake build in browser. So the behaviour of the browser in flash is the same as the one you are previewing this flash in (it is the same one). The best part of it is, you can manipulate with the position and size of this browser directly from flash. sk.yoz.html.IFrame solution was inspired by Alistair Rutherford, www.netthreads.co.uk.

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