3D Displacement Maps

Good news everyone, since 3D displacement maps gained big success, I was asked to make a standalone application, so anyone could use it within their webpages. After few hours of hard work, the 3 applications are finally out and you can see and download it from 3ddm.yoz.sk. Feel free to use it on your own webpages. If you do so, please notice the copyright, and/or consider a small donation via PayPal (donation button in footer). If you are willing to see the source code of these application, you can download it from here: App3DDMSimple.as, App3DDMFade.as, App3DDMAnaglyph.as, App3DDMSimplePV.as, App3DDMFadePV.as, App3DDMSimpleAW.as, App3DDMSimpleTriangles.as, additional classes, .pbk and .pbj files can be downloaded from classes.yoz.sk. Any feedback welcome 🙂

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