Elegant Facebook Login For Desktop Application

Default facebook login page is usualy opened in new browser window or popup window, so user lose focus from your page. This application opens facebook login page within your flash application, so user will not lose your page. In fact little iframe trick is used.

This post connects my 3 previous posts: Flex IFrame – Web browser in flash, FacebookLogger and Facebook Extended Permissions With Authorization by Overriding Class in swc in order to create elegant solution for facebook connect with your desktop application (means outside facebook iframe or fbml). I recomend to read all previous mentioned posts before trying to run this app.

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In a last couple of weeks I have been working on a lot of facebook applications. It did not took long to realize that there is always the same logic behind logging/connecting to facebook. So I came to FacebookLogger abstraction class that handles these basic steps. It only contains login/connection logic, so its pretty much the core that is usable only after extending.

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