Parsing FQL result

Facebook Query Language, or FQL, allows you to use a SQL-style interface to more easily query the same Facebook social data that you can access through other Facebook API methods (assuming your application has access!). Data returned for Facebook ActionScript Api are XML. You can access data via E4X after setting correct namespace. As for now (January 25, 2010), Facebook result defines xmlns=”” , but it may change in future, so lets make it dynamic…

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Facebook PublishPost with image (update)


Soon, facebook api method PublishUserAction (flash api method) gets deprecated (December 20, 2009). It is suggested to use Facebook.streamPublish instead, and you can find this method in facebook flash api as PublishPost method. If you have problems to make it work take a look at the next simple example that is using image attachment and actionLinkData (as prelink anywhere).

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