Facebook PublishPost with image (update)


Soon, facebook api method PublishUserAction (flash api method) gets deprecated (December 20, 2009). It is suggested to use Facebook.streamPublish instead, and you can find this method in facebook flash api as PublishPost method. If you have problems to make it work take a look at the next simple example that is using image attachment and actionLinkData (as prelink anywhere).

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Facebook application type web goes 104 Incorrect signature

When creating flash / flex application for facebook, Application Type “Desktop” will work for you just fine, even when your app is deployed. My app is both embedded via iframe in facebook and standalone application (not in facebook). First I tought desktop mode is just to test my app locally and when finished, I should switch to web type. But guess what, after switching to “Web” type, my standalone application refused some actions (upload photos etc.), resulting in error:

error_code: 104
error_msg: Incorrect signature

So, I switched back to “Desktop” and both iframe and standalone applications works fine. 🙂 Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems, desktop application type works for facebook flash / flex api in all cases.

Facebook app: “Je v tobě kus rockera?”


Few days back, a new facebook application was released called Je v tobě kus rockera? (Is there a rocker in you?). I participated on this one by programming flex part. Enjoy 🙂

Facebook profile album aid

In search of best practice to get your facebook default profile (archive) album I came to the official facebook api wiki page. It states there that it is possible to calculate aid (album id) from your uid (user id) by simple formula:

(uid << 32) + (-3 & 0xFFFFFFFF)

Well, it may seem simple, but notice 32 bit left shifting in first part! By this operation on uid, you go far beyond integer max value and flash will not give you correct results. So how to do that?

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If your facebook iframe applications need extra permissions granted, you can use Facebook JavaScript Api to generate modal window over your content to request permissions from users. For this purpose I created a simple FB_test_perm() function. It takes 4 arguments:

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