What Else You Should Know About Flash/Flex (update)

Even for seniors, there is still something to learn. I have chosen those great articles that would help you improve your knowledge about flash and flex and something littlebit behind the scenes.

Flex SDK coding conventions and best practices

This document lays out the coding standards for writing open-source Flex framework components in ActionScript 3. Adhering to these standards makes the source code look consistent, well-organized, and professional…

The Flex Non-Docs (previous site)

For all those secrets in Flex, those that aren’t known, those that aren’t published, or those that are just hard to find for some unknown reason, like percentWidth…

10 Things Every Senior Flash Developer Should Know

John Lindquist interviewed quite a few Flash/Flex developers as potential employees for Roundarch. The hard part for him is knowing exactly what questions to ask to be able to gauge a Flash dev’s skill level…

Nemo 440 – ActionScript 3 disassembler in AIR

Nemo 440 is free ABC code diassembler implemented as AIR-based application. Nemo 440 can read SWF files compiled with Flex 2/Flex 3/Flex 4 and translates ActionScript 3 byte code to more understandable text dump.

Update (Feb 12, 2010): AS3 hidden treasure in the mm.cfg

Revealing and documenting many Flash secrets hidden in mm.cfg file.