onConference – Facebook Video Chat Screencast

At last, I managed to work youtube videos on my blog using Embedded Video plugin. Watch this youtube screencast video about how to make facebook video calls with onConference application:

YouTube  onConference – Facebook Video Chat Screencast

onConference – video chat over facebook

onConference is flash application allowing individuals & businesses to meet face-to-face. Keep in touch with your friends, family and business associates via onConference chat or live video chat.

To be more specific, onConference is using RTMFP protocol, so your conferences, even those multiuser are p2p. Yes, any conference can join multiple users. I decided to use simpliest look-n-feel á la facebook and no pageflow, so you get connected immediately… You can find onConference on http://apps.facebook.com/onconference/, please let me know if you like it, any feedback welcomed 🙂 .