Flex IFrame – Web browser in flash (update)


You can not have a web browser inside your web flash applications right? Well, you can! This solution uses html iframe to generate fake build in browser. So the behaviour of the browser in flash is the same as the one you are previewing this flash in (it is the same one). The best part of it is, you can manipulate with the position and size of this browser directly from flash. sk.yoz.html.IFrame solution was inspired by Alistair Rutherford, www.netthreads.co.uk.

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SharedObject goes RangeError: Error #2006

If you keep getting RangeError: Error #2006: The supplied index is out of bounds. with SharedObject, you probably not gonna fix it. In my case this happend when I tried to write non primitive values too frequently into persistant SharedObject’s properties. After reconnect, before any event from your SharedObject dispatched, you get exception that will cause browser crash.

I was not able to solve it by excluding saving advanced objects, nor by using just simple Objects, AMF0 or AMF3, nor by any other method I imagined. To solve the problem I decided to write only serialized objects (strings) and deserialize again on client after synchronization.