A Sound In Image Experiment

There are some usefull apis since Flash Player 10, I have never been playing with. Yesterday, I realized one experiment with Sound + SampleDataEvent and created quick demo for converting music into a bitmap and vice versa.

There is a Sound.extract() method in ActionScript allowing you to grab raw sound data from a sound object. It provides you ByteArray of 32-bit floating-point values, which can be converted to a Number using ByteArray.readFloat(). The resulting values are -1 < value < 1...

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Quick Tip: OSMF VideoPlayer Screenshot

Your video is usualy resized and played in a custom sized rectangle, but if you need to capture the fullscreen screenshot you may be tempted to gather the original size screenshot by resizing the whole component or its part. Its not the best practice, while you need to resize and move back and forth the component etc. Here is a quick tip to make a fullsize screenshot from spark osmf based VideoPlayer using Matrix.

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Processing BitmapData.getPixels() With PHP

Have you ever worked with BitmapData.getPixels() method? This method generates a byte array from a rectangular region of pixel data. Writes an unsigned integer (a 32-bit unmultiplied pixel value) for each pixel into the byte array. Thats sounds good, but what is it good for to have a ByteArray full of integers? There is not even a decoder for this format on my backend?!… Well, this format is so cool, and easy to access that you do are able to write your own decoder e.g. in PHP.

The resulting bytes are 32-bit unsigned integers for each pixel represented by AARRGGBB format, followed by another pixels and so on e.g.:

-- -- -- --
FF FF 00 00
00 00 FF 00

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Pixel Bender Disco

While playing with pixel bender, I created some simple sahders that when combined, reminds me of winamp visualizations effects. Feel free to use any in your own projects.

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SmoothImage Class (update)

While Flex uses bilinear resizing method when scaling images (event for Bitmap.smoothing() method), you won’t be able to get nice results when downscaling more than 2 times. Inspired by ImageResizer class I have also created SmoothImage Class. This object extends mx.Image and uses ImageResizer.bilinearIterative() class in order to generate smoother resized results.

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How to resize an image with ActionScript (update)


If you need to resize an image on client side, I mean real bitmapData resize (not just showing scaled), feel free to use ImageResizer class. This class takes bitmapData of source image, new width and height and resize method (defined by ResizeMath class), and returns new bitmapData of resized image.

Update: It seems that bitmapData.draw() method uses bilinear algorithm when scaling via Matrix. Bilinear algorithm gives you fine results when downscaling no more than 2 times (400px -> 200px). So, I added bilinearIterative() method into ImageResizer class that creates resized bitmapData by multiple steps achieving much smoother results!

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Frame rate optimization


There has been a lot of articles written about how to optimize your flash / flex application frameRate. In most cases, you only need to have full frameRate when some animation is playing, or tweening etc., in other words when some visual changes are going on. FrameRateOptimizator class does exactly what you need. In default, it uses full frameRate when visual changes and when it stops, optimizator automatically switches to lower frameRate. Optimizator uses bitmapData to compare last state with actual state to catch any visual changes. By default snapshot is executed two times per second in low frameRate (inactive state), or one time per second in full frameRate state (active state), taking approximately not more than 10ms per execution (fast enough).

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Bitmap, BitmapData, ByteArray…


Lets see how to convert between Bitmap, BitmapData and ByteArray in few examples:

  • DisplayObject to BitmapData
  • BitmapData to Bitmap
  • BitmapData to ByteArray
  • URL (image) to ByteArray (asynchronous)
  • URL (image) to BitmapData (asynchronous)
  • ByteArray to BitmapData (asynchronous)

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ActionScript 3 encoding JPEG, alchemy

Lets assume you want to save an image (or any DisplayObject) from flash to disk, or upload to facebook etc. What you need is to encode your BitmapData into an Jpeg and send ByteArray raw data to be saved/uploaded. There are few ways how to do it.

First, you can use original adobe mx.graphics.codec.JPEGEncoder. Sadly, this encoder is the slowest. There were attemps to make it faster by otpimizing code by bytearray.org, that resulted into two times faster org.bytearray.images.JPEGEncoder. Usage is pretty simple:

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