Universal Application To Module Api

While working on my latest project, I was supposed to came up with some elegant solution (api) to make 3rd party modules be able to communicate with the main application and vice versa. In fact I already did the approach some time ago, now it was time to improve it and implement into a flex framework.

The api is based on event dispatching. Instead of sharing interface and calling some public available functions / callbacks (requires functions defined in compile time), event based api gives you the freedom of registering and releasing listeners anytime in runtime…

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onBoard on Maps

I am pleased to announce, I managed to create an onBoard port for OpenStreetMap API. A few months ago I tought about how could this been done, and finaly, past week I had some time to work on that. With map version you can explore map as well as draw on any place – when zoomed to max. The tool that was created I consider as a very smooth map explorer, I am not affraid to say much smoother than official explorer from OpenStreetMap or Google Maps even considering short time spent on developing it, and I am not mentioning possibility to rotate the map or possibility to have an Android app in few hours.

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If your facebook iframe applications need extra permissions granted, you can use Facebook JavaScript Api to generate modal window over your content to request permissions from users. For this purpose I created a simple FB_test_perm() function. It takes 4 arguments:

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