8bit Players & Synthesizers In Flash

FlashModPlug is a flash module player created by Ralph Hauwert (UnitZeroOne). It is intended to be a future reference implementation for FlashModPlugLib, intended to be released in the near future. It is an Adobe Alchemy port of the well know LibModPlug, originally created by Olivier Lapicqu and currently maintained by Konstanty Bialkowski. Player includes well known formats such as MOD, XM, IT, S3M, and lesser know formats like Okt and 669.

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ActionScript 3 encoding JPEG, alchemy

Lets assume you want to save an image (or any DisplayObject) from flash to disk, or upload to facebook etc. What you need is to encode your BitmapData into an Jpeg and send ByteArray raw data to be saved/uploaded. There are few ways how to do it.

First, you can use original adobe mx.graphics.codec.JPEGEncoder. Sadly, this encoder is the slowest. There were attemps to make it faster by otpimizing code by bytearray.org, that resulted into two times faster org.bytearray.images.JPEGEncoder. Usage is pretty simple:

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