onStream – The Broadcasting Machine

onStream – The Broadcasting Machine is the name of my latest flash project. Slogan says: “Broadcast LIVE video to your friends or the whole world from a computer or mobile. Watch other people broadcasting their webcamera, conferences, shows or movies.” With this flash application you can broadcast your webcamera, tv card, desktop or movies (read the section “What can be broadcasted?”). With different broadcasting settings you can broadcast to unlimited number of viewers as well as make private videochats. Based on your connection speed, choose appropriate quality for your broadcasts from 320×160 px webcamera resolution with 11kHz sound sampling up to high definition broadcasts.

The application is located on http://onstream.yoz.sk and there also exist a facebook application http://apps.facebook.com/onstream/. You can also publish and run the application from facebook newsfeed stream.

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onBoard 2.0 – Massive Collaborative Painting & Drawing

onBoard is a Collaborative (multi-user) painting and drawing application created in flash and php. Anyone can paint, draw, insert images and see other users paint live (feature comming soon). It has been 9 month since I released version 1.0, now there is a new version. A lot of things is changed in 2.0. The most important is UI change, this is my approach to write my first touch-device-ready flash app. I have also rewriten the whole app to pure ActionScript 3.0 (no flex framework used anymore), in order to gain crucial improvements in speed and weight. Every piece of code is optimized for speed. After all the changes, I have been able to keep fps at the rate of 30 in full hd fullscreen resolution (tested in flash debug player v 10.0), with memory consumption only around 30Mb (most of it is bitmapData).

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Licensing All My Software

I have decided to license the majority of my software under MIT License (X11). I hope this license makes all the permissions clear, and gives you enough space to use my code in your projects. I will do my best to add the license text to all the libraries and software stuff as soon as possible. So If you do not find license in particular file or article, please do like it contains this one. It is also possible that some software will be released under different license, in that case the particular software will contain license text in it. Thank you.

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Anaglyphs With Pixel Bender & Depth Map

Pixel Bender and displacement maps were so much fun to develop that my next experiment led me to create some more advanced effects. Do you know anaglyphs? Anaglyph images are used to provide a stereoscopic 3D effect, when viewed with 2 color glasses. There are multiple types of glasses (colors), but the most comon is red-cyan combination. So, I have created this simple pixel bender kernel that makes anaglyph images based on original image and its depth map (just like those used in displacement maps)

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8bit Players & Synthesizers In Flash

FlashModPlug is a flash module player created by Ralph Hauwert (UnitZeroOne). It is intended to be a future reference implementation for FlashModPlugLib, intended to be released in the near future. It is an Adobe Alchemy port of the well know LibModPlug, originally created by Olivier Lapicqu and currently maintained by Konstanty Bialkowski. Player includes well known formats such as MOD, XM, IT, S3M, and lesser know formats like Okt and 669.

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s.Oliver Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube is a 3-D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik. My latest project was to create a 3D engine (I have used papervision) based on this logic + integrate with facebook. Finally, the game is ready and you can play s.Oliver ‘s Cube on Facebook.

onConference – Facebook Video Chat Screencast

At last, I managed to work youtube videos on my blog using Embedded Video plugin. Watch this youtube screencast video about how to make facebook video calls with onConference application:

YouTube  onConference – Facebook Video Chat Screencast

onConference – video chat over facebook

onConference is flash application allowing individuals & businesses to meet face-to-face. Keep in touch with your friends, family and business associates via onConference chat or live video chat.

To be more specific, onConference is using RTMFP protocol, so your conferences, even those multiuser are p2p. Yes, any conference can join multiple users. I decided to use simpliest look-n-feel á la facebook and no pageflow, so you get connected immediately… You can find onConference on http://apps.facebook.com/onconference/, please let me know if you like it, any feedback welcomed 🙂 .

Pixel Bender Explorer

Pixel Bender Explorer is simple application that lets you dynamicly load .pbj files, apply it on image and edit shader values. Application uses two classes. ShaderLoader class loads external .pbj file and casts loaded binary data into Shader object. ShaderExplorer class inspects created Shader object and generates editable form based on Shader parameters. You can load your own external .pbj files (crossdomain.xml required near .pbj file) or feel free to download and use whole .swf application localy.

Application inspired by Enumerating Pixel Bender filter parameters and metadata dynamically in Flash and Introduction to Pixel Bender: Part 2 articles.

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Facebook app: “Moje auto budoucnosti”


Hurray, another one facbook flash app out and running. Check out the quiz My car of future. Well it is in czech language again… 🙂