Uploading AIR app into Apple App Store


Few times per year I need to upload some AIR apps into apple app store. As I am not doing it regularly, I keep forgetting the necessary steps and it takes noticeable amount of time to figure out all the glitches that I keep hitting. I will try to keep this post actual at least regarding to my own app store experience.

Uploading .ipa to app store

  1. go to iTunes Connect web, Manage Your Apps and select the app
  2. Add Version and make it Ready to Upload Binary
  3. on Mac Open Application Loader app
  4. log in using iTunes credentials
  5. click Deliver Your App
  6. choose an application from a drop down (your app is available as long as it is Waiting For Upload in iTunes Connect web)
  7. click Choose… and select the app-store.ipa
  8. wait a few minutes while your application is being uploaded

What might go wrong

Since AIR 3.5 (apple requirement) some launch images are required (Default-568h@2x.png, Default-Portrait.png, Default-Portrait@2x.png, Default.png, Default@2x.png). In case you miss Default-568h@2x.png e.g. you may see status Invalid Binary. Read more about it articles Deploying AIR Apps on iPhone 5, App Launch (Default) Images, Application icons.

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