onBoard v3 Goes GPU

onBoard is a massive collaborative painting and drawing canvas where you can draw, sketch, paint, zoom, rotate, screenshot or post your drawing to facebook. See other users drawing live. Today, I am releasing 3rd version (1st, 2nd) that is a little different than the previous ones. It takes advantage of Starling Framework and YCanvas and runs on GPU at 60fps, smoother than any before. For now there is a new web version available with old drawing and other tools. Mobile versions are currently not available. I am also working on a canvas/grid framework called YCanvas that is available on github (more information with next blog post). Have a look and compare cpu vs. gpu versions of onBoard…

onBoard v2 – cpu

onBoard v3 – gpu

Notice the smooth rotation, and no render glitches with gpu version. Best performance with non-debug flash player.

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  1. YopSolo January 10, 2012 22:19

    Really smooth !
    The fullscreen mode is impressive !

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