SequenceParser – Simple yet Mighty

With my latest approach to create universal parser, I came up with something simple yet mighty. SequenceParser is a simple (30 lines) class that crawles any source and matches specified list of highly customizable ISequences. While each sequence can contain list of nester sequences, you are able to parse any type of source with nested conditions and sequences. A good example can be an attribute inside a xml node, a xml node inside a xml node, an escape character inside quotas etc.

I have also created some example sequences like MatchAnything, MatchRegexp, MatchString, StartRegexpEndRegexp, StartRegexpEndString, StartStringEndString that should help to cover almost any possible parsing scenario. These sequences notifies back via callback containing parsed string, that is vital for further bulding additional logic like highlightning, validation over parsed phrases.

Here is a simple example of css parsing and highlighting via SequenceParser:

SequenceParser – wonderfl build flash online

Here is an example of parsing and validating pseudo serch queries:

SequenceParser – Query Validator – wonderfl build flash online

… and a JSON decoder:

SequenceParser – JSON decoder – wonderfl build flash online

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  1. tamt October 20, 2011 05:28

    really cool, help me alot , thanks!!

  2. YopSolo November 6, 2011 11:16

    look really usefull, thx a lot 🙂
    ( I know this is not the point but json is a native object since FP 11.0 )

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