Quick Tip: Update Debug Token on Playbook

After a few weeks I got back to projects for BlackBerry Playbook and I realized my debug token on device is no longer valid. It took me some tome to investigate what steps are necessary to update just the debug token (signing keys are still valid). It resulted in 2 commands. If you like working with command line rather than with Flash Builder with these kind of things, you may find following .bat script useful. The script creates and deploys a new debug token on device.

SET sdkPath="C:/***PATH TO BLACKBERRY SDK***/sdks/blackberry-tablet-sdk-1.0.1"
SET requestPath=%sdkPath%/bin/blackberry-debugtokenrequest
SET deployPath=%sdkPath%/bin/blackberry-deploy
SET p12Path="C:/***PATH TO CERTIFICATE***/blackberry.p12"
SET p12Password=***YOUR P12 PASSWORK***
SET debugTokenFileName=tmp.bar

SET deviceId=***DEVICE ID (e.g. 123F1234)***
SET deviceIp=***DEVICE IP (e.g.***
SET devicePassword=***DEVICE PASSWORD***

CALL %requestPath% -cskpass %CSKpassword% -keystore %p12Path% -storepass %p12Password% -deviceId 0x%deviceId% %debugTokenFileName%
CALL %deployPath% -installDebugToken %debugTokenFileName% -device %deviceIp% -password %devicePassword%
DEL %debugTokenFileName%

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  1. Tony August 5, 2011 06:12

    Short and sweet!

    Thanks very much – great time saver. I now understand why nobody uses FlashBuilder to do this process; because it never works half the time.

  2. […] and headed out to find the process again.  This time, I came across this great blog post over on Jozek Chút’ka’s blog describing the process for Adobe AIR developers who don’t like to use Flash Builder for it.  […]

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