Quick Tip: Debugging BlackBerry on Flash Builder 4

After successful installing Playbook simulator and BlackBerry Air SDK, you may wonder how to deploy your app on simulator. Now you have 2 choices. You can use command line and run something like this:

blackberry-airpackager -package -installApp -launchApp -device MyApp.bar src/MyApp-app.xml -C bin-debug MyApp.swf icons/90x90.png blackberry-tablet.xml

… this command compiles .swf file into .bar file and installs on simulator. If you prefer click-and-deploy solution, just go into folder with your blackberry sdk:


and copy all content into your flash builder / eclipse directory.

.../Adobe/Adobe Flash Builder 4

… now:

  1. restart your flash builder
  2. open some blackberry project
  3. Go into Run/Debug/Other…
  4. you will notice BlackBerry Tablet AIR Application line
  5. right click it to create New
  6. type some Name
  7. browse for Project
  8. select Development mode for Application Deployment Mode
  9. and insert your simulator IP address for Debug Host

This is how your Debug Configuration window should look like:

Now to debug the app on simulator, click debug icon and select the new (blackberry) configuration to run:

… after compilator finishes and installs app on simulator, you can switch Flash Builder into Flash Debug Perspective

I have just figured out, there is almost the same article released by BlackBerry Debug your application in Adobe Flash Builder 4.0

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