Superfast 3D Scene Without 3D Engine

Based on my previous post about z-sorting indices, I have created a superfast 3DDM version using drawTriangles(). The following example renders 100×100 segments = 10201 vertices = 20000 triangles (faces) per frame. Just to imagine how much that is, see the main image fullsize. There is no 3D engine used at all, everything is handled by native flash classes and functions. Z-sorting is not calculated on every frame (however it could be, because the sort algorythm is pretty fast), but it is pre-cached for some rotation. Feel free to run the example in new window in order to see the real speed (there is more flash content around here on my blog template). I can go up to 12 fps with the best flash quality for the first image in demo, how much can you?

Standalone version available for download on

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  2. Yonas KOlb June 18, 2011 01:31

    This is great! Any chance of seeing the source?

  3. OlegGolubev August 7, 2012 10:06

    haven’t words… best…
    your website add to favourites

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