Quick tip: Embedded MovieClip not MovieClip?

When embedding MovieClips (with only one frame) from Flash .swf file into your Flex projects, you can fall into runtime issues:

[Embed(source="assets/preloader.swf", symbol="preloader")]
public static const PRELOADER_CLASS:Class;
MovieClip(new Assets.PRELOADER_CLASS());
TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert *** to flash.display.MovieClip.

Why coercion failed when my symbol is for sure MovieClip? The answer is simple:

Flash will type the symbol based on the number of frames in it’s timeline. If the symbol has only 1 frame it will be typed as a Sprite, 2 or more frames it will be typed as a MovieClip.

Possible solutions:

  • add 1 more frame (so the frame count is more than 1)
  • or cast embedded asset as flash.display.Sprite (prefered while there is no need for MovieClip with one usable frame + Sprite container consumes less memory)

The day is saved thanks to Felix Turner.

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