LiveCycle Collaboration Service … first impressions


Adobe Flash Collaboration Service (formerly CoCoMo) is now Adobe LiveCycle Collaboration Service (LCCS). It is hosted on adobe servers, comes with pricing model so it pretty much reminds me kind of socketing cloud 🙂 . LCCS has 3 different dimensions that will be metered on a pay-per-use basis: live stream bandwidth ($0.49 per GB), push messages ($0.10 per 1000 messages) – count messages sent in to LCCS and user minutes ($0.01 per Hour) – time clients spend connected to LCCS. P2P bandwidth is excluded. So when available, you pay nothing! There is also $15 per month free quota for evaluation / trial and also for paying customers.

Few days back I tought there were some connecting issues with stratus (my mistake, actually, it works), but I decided to switch onBoard app backend to use LCCS, in order to try new service pricing. OnBoard only uses custom message broadcasting so it is pretty easy to switch to a different communicating abstraction. So i did some coding and soon app changes were live. After two days I checked account stats:

  • live stram bandwidth: 0.112 GB
  • push messages: 102063
  • user minutes: 4659 mins
  • total of my free quota $11.03

It seems that my app is able to consume all free quota within 3 days 🙁 . As you can see, there is a lot of small size push messages that is the main consumer.

Major of push messages in my case is mouse position messages. To compare it with direct p2p connection (RTMFP) or fms server it seems to have some lags (randomly, up to second). It also takes much longer time to establish connection, while it tries to use different type of connection (5 to 60 seconds from start till CollectionNode get synchronized). It sometime refused to use p2p connection (even it is possible as I use stratus), maybe due to other client limitations. I counted number of online clients by session.userManager.userCollection length and I believe there must be a some kind of mistake because after some time it resulted into 6 and more simultaneous clients that I doubt to be true, and there must have been dead souls counted it.

Just to show you what is going on when connecting to LCCS I attached connection log:

AFCS Beta Build # : 1.01
Warning: Ignoring 'secure' attribute in policy file from  The 'secure' attribute is only permitted in HTTPS and socket policy files.  See for details.

Warning: Domain does not specify a meta-policy.  Applying default meta-policy 'master-only'.  This configuration is deprecated.  See to fix this problem.

Warning: Domain does not specify a meta-policy.  Applying default meta-policy 'master-only'.  This configuration is deprecated.  See to fix this problem.

authentication status: 200
authentication request complete
Getting FMS at, attempt #1/3
result: <fms>
#FMSConnector# Mon Nov 2 22:53:54 GMT+0100 2009 protocols: [object ProtocolPortPair]
#FMSConnector# Mon Nov 2 22:53:54 GMT+0100 2009 [attempt 1 of 2] Connecting to 0/0: rtmps:// #startProtosConnect#
#FMSConnector# Mon Nov 2 22:53:55 GMT+0100 2009 tempNetStatusHandler 0/1,NetConnection.Connect.Success
#FMSConnector# Mon Nov 2 22:53:55 GMT+0100 2009 isTunneling? false
#FMSConnector# Mon Nov 2 22:53:55 GMT+0100 2009 is using RTMPS? true
  .user descriptor from server [object]
    .displayName [string]= Jozef Chutka 2
    .affiliation [number]= 100
    .role [number]= 100
    .userID [string]= WCD-3ACD364A42FF966099201549/2
receiveAllSynchData UserManager
Setting isPeer to false as connection is not RTMFP for UserJozef Chutka 2
receiveAllSynchData FileManager
checkManagerSync:[object FileManager]
receiveAllSynchData AVManager
checkManagerSync:[object StreamManager]
receiveAllSynchData RoomManager
checkManagerSync:[object RoomManager]
checkManagerSync:[object UserManager]
RECEIVENODES defaultMessagingNode
receiveAllSynchData defaultMessagingNode

To sum it up, even if you may find my expirence not very positive, I am really excited about this service from adobe. And I am looking forward to see more improvements and tools… And onBoard is again running on stratus.

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