Embedding fonts bold vs. black


Embedding fonts into flex app can be a tricky things. Lets suggest you need to embed Arial font in both bold and black style. When you open some desktop application using local font list, you notice Arial font family and under this option there is a list of styles. There is a bold and black style in one list so one would guess it is the same thing setting. Well, it is not. When it comes to embedding into flex, the code varies much more…

css embed code for Arial Bold:

@font-face {
    src: local("Arial");
    fontFamily: "ArialBold";
    fontWeight: bold;

css embed code for Arial Black:

@font-face {
    src: local("Arial Black");
    fontFamily: "ArialBlack";


<mx:Label fontFamily="ArialBold" fontWeight="bold" text="ArialBold"  />
<mx:Label fontFamily="ArialBlack" text="ArialBlack" />

To get available installed fonts on your system use FontStyleList.

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