P2P Multicast in new Flash Player 10.1

p2p multicast

p2p multicast

Flash Player 10.1 announced important addition to the RTMFP protocol. Finally! Just imagine all these online p2p tv-s, flash “torrents” etc… Ubercool 🙂 More info about flash player 10.1 here.

Groups and Multicast. Groups rapidly simplify the process of connecting peers together. You just define which group you want to join and don’t have to maintain particular connections between other peers. This is making your code so clean by using classes GroupSpecifier (define group), NetGroup (management and statistics) + new features in NetStream (multicast streaming). With end-to-end connections in FP 10.0 before you had to connect to each peer separately, which was quite difficult mechanism to maintain more than 2 peer communication. (Tom Krcha)

If you are looking for P2P Multicast in Flash Player 10, see here.

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