onBoard – Collaborative Painting



onBoard is Collaborative (multi-user) painting and drawing application created in flex and php. Anyone can paint, draw, insert images and see other users paint live.


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  1. […] See my application using p2p here. A lot has been said already, read more and see examples here: […]

  2. […] Other required files can be found here: P2PMulticast source. Don not forget to export your application into Flash Player 10. P2P Multicast is used in onBoard collaborative painting […]

  3. […] were some connecting issues with stratus (my mistake, actually, it works), but I decided to switch onBoard app backend to use LCCS, in order to try new service pricing. OnBoard only uses custom message […]

  4. […] like sketch, paint, tag or doing some graffiti? Try this cool onBoard collaborative painting and drawing application made by Jozef Chút’ka. It has a really powerful sketch tool that seems just […]

  5. […] or post your drawing to facebook. See other users drawing live. Today, I am releasing 3rd version (1st, 2nd) that is a little different than the previous ones. It takes advantage of Starling Framework […]

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